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St. Francis’ Stations of the Cross: A blessing for years to come

First Station of the Cross

On Sunday, April 28, St. Francis’ new Stations of the Cross were officially blessed during a special service led by Rev. Bill McClure. Made possible through a bequest from Robert Harrington’s estate, the 14 bronze stations depict the Passion of Christ from Pontius Pilate’s condemnation to Christ’s entombment.


Robert and Carmel Harrington

The stations, selected and installed by St. Francis' Altar Guild, adorn the walls of the chapel and add an ethereal beauty to St. Francis’ Episcopal Church. They will be a permanent reminder of Christ’s journey, as well as Robert’s and his wife Carmel’s devotion to the church, and the congregation is profoundly grateful for the Harrington's selfless gift.


“Dad was a lifelong Episcopalian,” Denise Riehle, Robert and Carmel’s daughter, said. She attended the service, along with her husband Brian and sister Karen Harrington. Other family members present included Denise and Brian's son, Justin, his wife, Sara, and their children, Caleb, Nora, and Hannah.

Karen Harrington and Denise Riehle

Denise and Karen said that their father’s life had been filled with volunteer work, not only in the church but throughout every community in which he lived. He served as an acolyte for 75 years, as well as other roles within the Episcopal Church, such as eucharistic minister.


Denise also recalled that her parents once even hosted a bishop from Nigeria, and that Robert’s service to the church was recognized by Bishop William Gordon, nationally famous for his bush-pilot ministry in Alaska.

Harrington - Riehle family

Carmel and Robert passed away in 2017 and 2023, respectively, but their generosity will never be forgotten. St. Francis’ Stations of the Cross will forever be a part of that legacy, surrounding parishioners with Christ’s message and the selfless spirits of Robert and Carmel.

(To read more about Carmel’s and Robert’s lives, click here and here.)

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May 03
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

A huge thank you to the Harrington family for their donation!

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